NYC Fetish Party

 Hey if you have a fetish theres an all fetish party a few blocks from time square in manhattan! You will deffenately enjoy yourself and there will be plenty of girls there too! If your interested send an email to
I'm sure they are open to some new faces who all enjoy the same thing!!!

Shave your head!

We're having our third Haircut Party up in Ashville NC in April and we need girls to buzz and shave their heads for kids with cancer. It all goes to help find cures for kids with cancer.. Please send us an email for info. Thanks
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I am Freak

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Surprised by the red lighting

Dark Eden/Vulgaras @ Alchemy, 313 Bowery, NYC, NY - 9/27/04

Our next show will be on September 27th, 10PM, at CBGB's 313 Gallery. Come see the new lineup of Reverend Charles Lupula (vocals), Kleibold Harris (guitar), Valium Joy (keyboards), the returning Gia Iscariot (guitar), and new bassist, Bastet Alostrael. Of course, we are also joined by special guest drummer, Goddess Diana of Vulgaras, who also happen to be the headlining band for the evening. Come see our return and hear the debut of the new song, "Double Plus Ungood," from our upcoming second full-length CD, Jehovah's Sickness! This is the strongest lineup, to date, of the band, and this show will be one to be remembered. It's $5 to enter. The club is 16 and over to enter, 21 to drink.

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this is just a quick note to you all...i just started a new's called Blood Lust and check it out, right now it's open membership until i get enough, then i'm cutting it down to authorized only...